Video Minutes for Commissioners Meeting

Commissioners Meeting
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

150 North Queen Street
7th Floor
Lancaster, PA 17603-3408

Meeting Contacts

Craig Lehman
County Commissioner
Joshua Parsons
County Commissioner
Dennis Stuckey
County Commissioner
E. William Peters
Interim Chief Clerk

Agenda for 1/25/2017
 1.Meeting Called to OrderThis morning's meeting will be conducted by Commissioner Joshua Parsons.

 2.Pledge of Allegiance

 3.Minutes as DistributedApproval of the December 14, 2016 Commissioners' Meeting Minutes, December 28, 2016 Commissioners' Meeting Minutes and January 4, 2017 Commissioners' Meeting Minutes. Postpone approval of the December 21, 2016 Commissioners' Meeting Minutes, January 11, 2017 Commissioners' Meeting Minutes and January 18, 2017 Commissioners' Meeting Minutes.

 4.Old Business

 5.New Business
 a.Presentation of "Star Performer" Awards to Thais Grant and Susan Dorrin
1.Thais Grant, Shelter Youth Care Worker, Youth Intervention Center
2.Susan Dorrin, Youth Care Worker, Youth Intervention Center
3.Drew Fredericks, Director, Youth Intervention Center
4.Joseph Scannapieco, Shelter Program Director, Youth Intervention Center
5.Bryan Hubbard, Program Coordinator, Youth Intervention Center
6.David Root, Youth Care Worker Supervisor, Youth Intervention Center
7.E. William Peters, Interim Chief Clerk
8.Sue Lao, Deputy Director, Human Resources
9.Trisha Banker, Program Coordinator, Human Resources
 b.Resolution No. 5 of 2017 - Lancaster County Hospital Authority Financing of Projects to be Undertaken by Brethren Village Retirement Community
1.James Noel, Esquire, Solicitor, Lancaster County Hospital Authority
2.Benjamin Ried, Esquire, Rhoads and Sinon and Bond Counsel to Brethren Village
3.Jay Wenger, Managing Director, Susquehanna Group Advisors, Inc. and Financial Advisor to Brethren Village
4.John Snader, President and CEO, Brethren Village
5.Rodney Martzall, CPA, Vice President of Finance/CFO, Brethren Village
 c.Behavioral Health/Developmental Services - Agreement and Grant Agreement
1.Judy Erb, Deputy Director of Administration, Behavioral Health/Developmental Services
 d.Office of Aging - Contract Extension
1.Jacqueline Burch, Executive Director, Office of Aging

 6.Business From Guests

End Of Agenda
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