Video Minutes for Using Video to Reach Constituents

Using Video to Reach Constituents
Ren Baker

415 North Prince Street
Suite 201
Lancaster, PA 17603

Meeting Contacts

Ren Baker
President/CEO, CDS Solutions Group

Agenda for 6/30/2009
 1.Using Video to Reach Constituents

 2.Seminar talking points

 3.Demand, benefits, technology, strategy and experience

 4.Using statistical census data to calculate demand

 5.An example county
 a.Lancaster County, PA
 b.Stats and demand outcome

 6.Comparisons of technology: cost anaylsis and overview
 a.TV broadcast solution
 b.Internet solution using a team of operators
 c.Internet solution without the team of operators

 10.Key decisions

 11.Important options to consider
 a.Live streaming vs. on-demand streaming

 12.Why choose live?
 a.Benefits of live streaming
 b.Costs of live streaming

 13.Why choose on-demand?
 a.Benefits of on-demand streaming
 b.Costs of on-demand streaming

 14.Video/audio streaming
 a.Multi-cast and uni-cast streaming servers

 15.Key industry terminology

 16.Bandwidth/Hi Def

 17.Example websites
 a.Lancaster County, PA
 b.Chester County, PA
 c.Washington County, MD
 d.Borough of Pompton Lakes, NJ
End Of Agenda
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